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A junior coach's diary of the 1999-2000 football season.


Football is bigger than any Ronaldo or Zidane.At its grass roots is junior football, where all the little David Beckhams and Michael Owens of this world are born. But in places like Otley, a small market town in West Yorkshire, England, there are more lads like Martin Smith than Ronaldo. Boys who love their sport, but who will probably never make it to the Big Time. This book is for them and for the many thousands who play their matches on a Saturday or Sunday morning. All wanting to emulate their heroes and all believing they'll be footballers when they grow up.


Edited & designed by Mark Currie


Price: £3.50 + P&P

Softback (210 x 210 mm)

88 pages including 110 colour photographs


First published by The Parrs Wood Press in 2000

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