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'The Navvies Who Built The Bramhope Tunnel' is a 30 minute documentary featuring interviews with local historians, Geoffrey Forster, Barbara Winfield and Neil Simpson, plus contributions by musicians Serious Sam Barrett and Greg Mulholland from the Summercross Band. It also features footage from inside the tunnel itself, thanks to the cooperation and facilitation of Network Rail.

The film highlights the challenges of building what was at the time of completion, the second longest tunnel in the United Kingdom. The navvies, of course, did all the hard graft and were the real heroes in this 4 year construction. Many are commemorated at the Navvies Memorial in Otley, but many others who also died who are buried elsewhere.

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Catapult Films had great fun polling the people of Guiseley on whether they want a Greggs. The film was created on behalf of Golley Slater (Guiseley). See:


Otley Town Council commissioned Catapult Films to create a short 30 minutes documentary-style film, telling the story of how the Bramhope Tunnel was built between 1845-1849. 'The Navvies Who Built The Bramhope Tunnel' is a Heritage Lottery Funded project and has been completed to celebrate 170 years since the tunnel's completion. As well as the film, a book has been written by Angela Leathley along with other promotional material and two guided walks, all designed by Mark Currie. The film will be available on DVD in October. See the film trailer here:


Catapult Films have created several short films on behalf of Linden Homes, including one featuring Millers Retreat in Pocklington. See:


Leeds Neurophysiotherapy have commissioned Catapult Films to create a film to promote their growing 20-year old business, helping the lives of people suffering from strokes and other central nervous system problems. See:


Catapult Films have produced a film for Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership, which documents their work improving the pathways and creation of a stone shelter on the summit of Pendle Hill. See:

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Health education supplier, Evolve, asked Catapult Films to film at their recent annual conference in Birmingham, where the key note speaker was the inspirational David Thomas. The film is currently in production.


Catapult Films are working with Training Toolz to produce a series of testimonial films. Editing starts in early September.

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As well as shedding light on what the life of a typical navvy was like in the 1840s, the film also tells a few tragic tales of how some of the men died. Ultimately, this is a story based on facts that pays tribute to all the navvies who built this sometimes forgotten 2-mile stretch of tunnel.


For more information and the film trailer, see:


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