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Inside Out

Like a story out of the ordinary?


Then check out, 'The Man Who Was Different', by Mark Currie, published by Catapult Books. It's a simple fable featuring a man unlike any other who proudly presents himself to the world in search of love and acceptance.

A hardback book, 48 pages with black and white illustrations, it highlights an essential truth about human nature. As Mark says, "I think the story has a positive message about the importance of being yourself, whilst also respecting and supporting all who have differences."


As Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

CATAPULT clients say:

Catapult Films have produced a new film for Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership, which documents their work improving the pathways and creation of a stone shelter on the summit of Pendle Hill. See:


Three Rivers Holiday and Residential Park have commissioned Catapult Films to create a promotional film to help further their new marketing in 2019. See:


Catapult Films have created a festive film on behalf of Skipton BID featuring the annual charity Santa Fun Run and the switching on of the Christmas lights, in front of 24,000 people. See:


In partnership with David Winters, producer at Word Industries Limited, Catapult Films have produced a film for Our Health Partnership, promoting the benefits of social prescribing to GPs and patients in Birmingham. See: 


Colne Town Council's series of events commemorating 100 years since the end of the Great War (1918) were captured by Catapult Films in two films (20 mins & 4 mins). See:


Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership commisioned Catapult Films to create a film following the progress of an archaeological project and the hunt for real life witches in Blacko. See:

Currently in Production

Catapult Films have been commissioned by Otley Town Council with support from National Lottery and the Railway Heritage Trust, to make a short film about the navvies who helped build our UK railways, including the building of the Bramhope Tunnel. A second film will highlight the restoration work done to the Navvies Memorial in Otley. Film completion date: Spring 2019.


Charlie Bears have commissioned Catapult Films to create a short film to help grow and promote their brand and products in USA.

Latest News

“A thought provoking short story about difference and conformity.” Mark Reid, Team Walking.

"The American psychologist Rollo May said the opposite of courage is not cowardice. It is conformity. And this, I believe, is the central message of The Man Who Was Different." Martin Firrell, Public Artist.


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