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Films with impact

We think film is the most powerful communication tool going.
Films don’t just make your business look good. They build trust. Boost conversions and sales. Give you return on investment.


Adding a product film to your web landing page typically increases conversion rates by 80%. And you’re 53 times more likely to hit a top spot on Google searches if you embed a film on your website.

Mobile film views too have skyrocketed by 400% over recent years

– a figure growing by 100% year on year.


At Catapult we create engaging films for every communication channel, including websites, YouTube and Social Media, presentations, training courses, cinema and TV. We produce every kind of film you can imagine, from case studies, testimonials and product demonstrations, all the way through to prime time commercials.



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About Catapult Films

We have over 25 years filmmaking experience and specialise in the moving image, taking any brief from the first spark of an idea right through to the final film.


We’ll help you develop ideas communicating precisely what your audience needs to know – in an informative, persuasive way, designed to achieve a rapid return on your investment.


Our aim is to set your business apart from your competitors and help you reach a wider audience, increase sales and encourage happy customers to come back to you.


To discover more, contact Mark Currie on 0113 831 3152.


Catapult Films recently completed a campaign of promotional films for Queensway school in Yeadon West Yorkshire.

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Why do we do it?

We enjoy helping people reach lots of new potential customers.


Today’s consumers share films on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram like never before.

By creating the right film for you, means we’ll get your business in front of lots of potential new customers.


And creating engaging films will encourage your customers to keep coming back and become loyal brand advocates for your business.



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